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News & Updates

The summer is well underway and the flying weather, while admittedly a bit on the warm side, has been great this month.  If you haven't flown in a while, get on the schedule!!

New Sport Pilots 

Congratulations to Kunal Sharangdhar and Victor Guerrero.  Both have recently earned their Sport Pilot licenses.  Great work guys.

Warrior goes IFR 

While the Warrior was IFR certified, we have just installed a new IFR certified Garmin 430.  Also with that, we've installed a HIS for even better situational awareness.  So, if you have your private license and have been thinking about pursuing your instrument rating, you'll be hard pressed to find a better equipped trainer in the Houston area. Getting your instrument rating will make you a better and more confident pilot!

New Instructors

Welcome Sarah Rovner and Leonard Wagner to our instruction staff.  Both are accomplished pilots and excellent instructors.  We hope to get their pictures and bios up on the website in the near future.

Finally, we're pleased to announce the addition of Mike Brown, Pat's brother, to our staff.  He'll be on board in early July as our Genereal Manager and flight instructor.  Mike's credentials are impressive. In addition to serving as crew chief on a Bell Jet Ranger while in the Air Force, Mike is an aerospace engineer who worked on both the B-1 Bomber and Stealth Bomber.  He has been an airline captain and spent a number of years running United Airlines' simulator department.  He holds type ratings on the Boeing 777 and many others.  Mike is going to be a great adddition to  our staff!


 Thursday, July 24, 2014
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EAA Sport Pilot Sourcebook:

The sport pilot rule is more than just a new pilot certificate. It’s an entire plan to lower the barriers to participation in aviation. It addresses everything from getting that first entry-level pilot certificate to creating a new way of certificating ready-to-fly aircraft that are much more affordable than most aircraft currently on the market.

Download or print our EAA Sport Pilot Sourcebook to learn more about the rule, how it affects you, maintenance, instruction and much more

Sport Pilot Test Standards for LSA:


CFI's Guide to Sport Pilot and Light Sport aircraft


Student Pilot Form:


Print this form and take it to the local Flight Standard District Office located near Hobby Airport.  Here is the contact information.  You will have to call them for an appointment:

Houston Flight Standards District Office
12650 N. Featherwood Drive
Suite 230
Houston, Texas 77034-4411
Phone: (281) 929-7000 or (888) 285-2127 Fax: (281) 929-7059

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